Stenography Briefs I Wish I Wasn't Learning

Here are some stenographic briefs I needed this week and am furious about learning. These are not the words that should be necessary to learn as part of basic vocabulary:

PHREUS - police
PWRAOU/TALT - brutality
SROEUPBLS - violence
TAER TKPWAS - tear gas
PHAEUS - mace
PRO/TEFT - protest
KOPL/RAD - comrade

I only know ~100 stenographic briefs. That I had to learn these words in a new language is a meaningless thing, but the act of learning and committing these words to memory drove home the reality in America today.

For the first time in my life, learning feels like a colonization of my mind, parallel to the militarization of my cities streets. I’m so proud of my fellow Seattlites for standing up against police brutality, and there’s a humorless irony that the police are demonstrating exactly why change needs to happen.

I work with systems as a career, studying them for weaknesses and seeking to understand the sharp edges so I can weaponize them. It’s long past time to examine the systems which have been oppressing fellow citizens.

I’m donating to Reclaim The Block who do excellent work in Minneapolis to lobby the city to cut police funding and direct it towards public health and community wellness.

I encourage you to do your own research and act in accordance to your own beliefs. It’s not enough to post on social media, you need to provide material support.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Jasmin Mujanovic